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Company Overview

"AppTech's Specialty Payment solutions will set the gold standard for the delivery of continuous digital financial innovation and commerce experiences. Our success, and that of our clients, will be attributed to an ongoing commitment to solving challenges through technology enablement."

Luke D'Angelo

Luke D’Angelo

About Us

AppTech Payments Corp. is a Specialty Payments company with a differentiated digital platform that powers seamless commerce experiences.

The FinZeo™️ Platform fundamentally changes the way companies of all sizes manage payments and banking. It drives operational efficiencies and growth while providing the economic convenience that merchants demand. Our clients can shop from a robust suite of solutions and choose the services they want to include in their customized, white-labeled portal.

Powerful Patent Library


Mobile-to-Mobile Payment System & Method

System & Method for Delivering Web Content to a Mobile Device​

Computer-to-Mobile Two-Way Chat System & Method


Mobile Commerce Framework


Commerce Ecosystem

Mobile Payment

This portfolio consists of 4 mobile technology patents that range from System & Method for Delivering Web Content to a Mobile Device, Computer to Mobile Two-Way Chat System & Method, and Mobile to Mobile payment.

Geolocation Technology

This portfolio consists of 13 patents that are focused on the delivery, purchase, or request of any products or services within specific geolocation and time parameters, provided by a consumer’s mobile phone anywhere in the United States. This portfolio houses the patent that protects all advertising on a mobile phone, including in a store’s mobile application.

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