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Introducing Commerse

The AppTech mission is to deliver a better way for businesses to provide their customers with immersive commerce experiences. Commerse is our all-new, innovative, cloud-based Commerce Experiences-as-a-Service (CXS) platform that does exactly that.

Enabling secure & scalable payments across all channels.

Commerse provides businesses with everything they need to accept digital payments including credit card and alternative payment processing services.

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Pioneering SMS Payments

Pioneering patented Text-to-Pay technology for contactless payments.

Utilize Commerse to enable SMS payment and invoicing capabilities that simplify and streamline payment acceptance and customer choice.

Reinventing business with next generation digital banking.

Backed by an intelligent and secure digital financial technology stack and architecture, Commerse is built to enable payments and banking innovations for nearly any business or use case.

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Secure applications & seamless digital onboarding.

Best-of-breed cloud and edge security solutions are integrated with Commerse to ensure our solutions provide maximum protection including GDPR and PCI without impacting performance and the overall user experience.


A truly omni-channel payment experience delivered through feature-rich embedded payment processing.

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Online & Mobile Payments

Contactless Payment Icon

Contactless Payments

Checkout Icon

Hosted & Embedded Checkout

Invoice Icon

Invoicing & Subscriptions

Virtual Terminal Icon

Virtual Terminal

Split Payments Icon

Split Payments

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Digital Merchant Onboarding


Transformative digital banking capabilities drive efficiency by automating financial control and reconciliation.

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Virtual Card Icon

Virtual Card Issuing

Account Funding Icon

Advanced Account Funding &
Currency Control

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Multi-Currency Digital Accounts & IBANs

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Currency Management & Settlement

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AML Fraud & Transactional Compliance



“The AppTech platform represents the type of financial technology required to rapidly launch innovative and scalable solutions. From traditional businesses to Fintech startups dialed into web3, AppTech is a must have.”

Amiya Diwan
SaaS Entrepreneur