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Credit Cards


Each merchant has unique requirements for payment processing. As a result, we offer customizable payment solutions to create a seamless customer experience.

Our intellectual property offers processing capabilities that help optimize profitability and ensure satisfaction.

From traditional merchant accounts to customizable technological solutions, let AppTech help you find the right digital banking solution to fit your business!

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  • Next-Day Funding

    Credit card payments are deposited into your bank account as soon as the next day.

  • E.M.V. Chip Compliance

    By having the latest, most secure equipment, AppTech reduces your liability for fraudulent charges and chargebacks.

  • POS Solutions

    Prepare your business for the future with point-of-sale solutions that accept the latest payment technologies.

  • U.S. Based Support

    We offer support with 100% U.S. based customer service and technical help desk calls 24/7, 365 days.

  • Automation

    Use recurring transactions to put billing on auto-pilot. Set up a schedule to automatically collect or disburse funds and streamline your payables operations. Perfect for subscriptions, memberships and other recurring payments.

  • Simplicity

    Offering both online and point-of-sale solutions, and supporting Debit, Credit and Check installments, ACH will provide you with the flexibility demanded of today’s merchants.

  • Savings

    ACH’s simple structure is a great solution to reduce processing fees, freeing up time and money that you can use to develop your business.

  • Security

    ACH prevents fraud through the encryption of all payments that will bring an ease of mind to you and all of your customers. Once an account’s information has been put in the system, the process is handled by computers removing the risk of prying eyes and human error.

Additional services offered include:

  • Gift & Loyalty Cards
  • Mobile & Web App Development
  • APIs & SDKs

Payment Platform




Through our scalable cloud-based platform architecture and infrastructure coupled with our commerce experiences development and delivery model, AppTech will simplify digital FinTech experiences for corporations, small and midsized enterprises (“SMEs”) and consumers through embedded payment and banking technologies that complement our core merchant services capabilities.

We will soon deliver best-in-class financial technologies and capabilities through an ever-evolving modular cloud/edge-based platform.

Our platform will continue to grow its offering of seamless integration opportunities to achieve on-demand, immersive customer experiences that drive customer LTV, loyalty, and retention.

AppTech’s Platform will power financial products and services that can be taken off-the-shelf or tapped into via modern APIs.

This platform, powered by a secure, scalable, and a highly-available AWS cloud infrastructure will enable the delivery of fully branded and customizable experiences whether achieved via our APIs or an engagement with our professional Commerce Experiences Team.

Embedded Payments


AppTech understands that each client has unique payment processing and operational requirements. Our Platform capabilities, delivered through hosted and embedded experiences, will provide solutions that meet each merchant’s needs by
  • •providing advanced payment processing solutions for credit cards, ACH, and gift/loyalty cards by catering to the needs of each merchant
  • •solving for multi-use case, multi-channel, API-driven, account-based issuer processing for card, digital tokens, and payment transfer transactions.
In addition, our Platform will offer integrated solutions for frictionless digital and mobile payment acceptance. We supplement these capabilities with
  • •card, digital tokens, and payment transfer transactions
  • •expansive white-labeling opportunities
  • •SaaS embedded payment solutions

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Embedded Banking


AppTech is positioned to further fuel digital transformations through banking services, layered with financial management tools that
  • •will allow enterprise customers to utilize off-the-shelf digital banking capabilities via our embedded banking platform or deploy fully branded, personalized experiences using our Banking as a Service (“BaaS”) via APIs
  • •will power Financial Institutions (“FIs”) to give businesses, professionals, and individuals the ability to better manage their finances anywhere, anytime at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking and financial services
  • •will create an ecosystem of immersive and scalable digital financial management services backed by Mastercard & Visa issuer processing certification.

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Text Payment Technology


AppTech’s secure text payment technology bridges the gap between FinTech and the popularity of SMS as a means of communication and commerce. By integrating inbound and outbound payment technologies, our text payment solutions will create new payment acceptance opportunities to deliver value-added commerce experiences. Enhancements to the Platform Features Include:
  • •Digital Accounts for Users

    providing verification of accounts and funds, authentication of user identity, and authorization for payment processing

  • •Certified Mastercard and Visa Issuing Technology Stack

    enabling AppTech to expand its product suite to include SME digital banking solutions, comprehensive inbound and outbound B2B payment solutions, and SaaS issuer card processing to other FinTech companies

  • •Cross-Border Remittance Capabilities

    allowing our clients to accept multiple currencies

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