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How Commerse™ is Revolutionizing Digital Payments

AppTech Payments Corp. is a Fintech company that aims to improve the way digital payments and banking are facilitated with its Commerse™ product suite. Commerse™ products are aimed at businesses that feel the traditional pre-tailored banking products on the market don’t serve them properly. By choosing AppTech’s Specialty Payments, they can take advantage of scalable, secure multi-channel payments, offering improved flexibility and performance for their customers.

Payments That Work for Your Customers

Commerse™ is a Commerce Experience-as-a-Service (CXS) Fintech stack that offers digital banking, mobile payments and merchant services. By unifying the way these services are delivered, Commerse™ simplifies payments, making it easier for businesses to deliver a good customer experience and manage their financial interactions from one intuitive UI.

The suite supports a variety of payment options, including: 

• Text-to-Pay
• Contactless card payments
• Peer-to-Peer remittances
• Traditional card transactions

Businesses can get started facilitating these transactions quickly, without having to worry about integrating tools from multiple providers. Having a single provider simplifies the process while also giving businesses more control over the services they receive. The variety of payment methods available enables businesses to accept both large and small transactions. Text-to-pay is an ideal option for businesses operating in areas where credit and debit cards are less common. Contactless is the default payment option in many territories, and Commerse™ offers competitive pricing for contactless payments.

Introducing Commerse™ Payments-as-a-Service

Commerse™ Payments-as-a-Service is a payment acceptance and processing system that’s easy to integrate with your existing store platforms. It’s offered as a white-label ready system that merchants can get up and running with almost instantly, or as an API solution to integrate with other systems. In addition to the backend, there’s the option to use our merchant services which offer competitive rates for processing a variety of payment options.

Secure, Low-Friction Services

Commerse™ powers clients in a variety of industries, including some that more traditional providers may not have the flexibility to work with. Whether you’re running a coffee stand, bricks and mortar store, or an online service provider, we can help you accept payments.

Companies looking to expand into new territories where customers prefer payment options they’re not familiar with may find it challenging to set up the payment methods wanted by their client base. The issue of accepting payments becomes even more complex for remote/online payments and territories where fraud is more commonplace.

AppTech aims to help businesses expand by simplifying the process. Instead of having to deal with multiple payment processing companies, each with their own fee structure and their own API, it offers a single, unified stack that’s easy to integrate. In addition to this, there’s a ready-to-deploy white label version of the platform, so smaller businesses can simply deploy that and customize it to offer a polished, professional system and be up-and-running quickly.

If you’d like to know more about how Commerse™ Powered by AppTech can help your business, contact us today to book a consultation.

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