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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Commerse™ Text-to-Pay

Commerse™ Text-to-Pay is a mobile payment solution that relies on SMS messaging, providing a secure and simple way to process transactions. Text-to-Pay is ideal for businesses that need to perform card-not-present transactions. It offers a simple way to request payments and is a good alternative to emailing invoices or expecting clients to type in your bank details. 

What is Text-to-Pay? 

Text-to-Pay is a mobile payment solution that relies on SMS messaging. It facilitates contactless payments with no need for a physical credit or debit card or a smartphone-based mobile payment method. Text-to-Pay works by sending the customer an invoice over SMS. The customer then clicks the link and enters their card information.  

With this method, there’s no need for the merchant to use a physical card reader, and there’s no need for the customer to share their payment details. The speed, simplicity, and security of text-to-pay combine to improve the overall customer journey. These benefits make text-to-pay popular with both businesses and customers. 

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Text-to-Pay 

Text-to-Pay is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional card payments for a few reasons: 

  1. Convenient: Texts are the most utilized and direct form of quick communication. This makes it a convenient and efficient method for businesses and customers to interact and complete transactions seamlessly.  
  2. Accurate: The customer simply has to click a link on their phone and fill out the details. This payment link includes all the details of the transaction, reducing the likelihood of error. 
  3. Secure: Text-to-Pay is PCI compliant and shields both parties from potential security issues because there’s no need for a physical card to be presented, and no need for the customer to share their payment details. 
How Text-to-Pay Works 

Accepting payments via Text-to-Pay is a simple three-step process: 

  • Create and send your invoice to the customer 
  • The customer receives the invoice via SMS, clicks the link, and completes the payment
  • Your business receives payment 
  • Register for future payments and save card information: Additionally, customers can choose to register for future payments and securely save their card information. This allows them to conveniently pay by simply responding with “yes” or “ok” when the company they’ve registered with sends future invoices via text message. This streamlined process enhances customer convenience and fosters ongoing business relationships. 

All of this is made possible by AppTech’s Commerse™ stack, which handles the payment processing for you in the background. AppTech offers a merchant gateway, invoicing features, and communication tools to facilitate sending invoices via text messages. Since we handle all of this through our unified platform, you can get up and running with Text-to-Pay quickly and easily without having an expensive and lengthy development and testing period for integrating the technology. 

It’s easy to integrate text-to-pay into your existing purchase flow, either through our APIs or standalone product offerings. We offer a checkout page where you can white label, adding your branding, ensuring a seamless and professional-looking purchase page. 

At AppTech, we’re passionate about offering robust, secure, and simple payment solutions and provide a variety of payment options as part of our Commerse™ stack. If you’d like to learn how you could integrate this tool into your business’ payment flow,contact us today. 

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