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Digital Banking

Transcend transactions with scalable, modularized banking and financial services right sized for your SaaS or business.

Boundless Financial Experiences

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Virtual Card Issuing

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Advanced Account Funding and Currency Control

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Multi-Currency Digital Accounts & IBANs

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Currency Management & Settlement

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AML Fraud and Transactional Compliance

BaaS Unleashed!

Stackable digital finance capabilities. One Location.

At the heart of your business is a need to offer your customers maximum flexibility with features that enable value and data transfers that are both endless yet specific to your customer's pain-points. With AppTech's Banking-as-a-Service all of these capabilities are ready to level up your business or SaaS offering.

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Secure and Borderless Virtual Card Experiences.

Enable virtual value transfer and payments anywhere.

Get access to our API-driven, tokenized card processing features to integrate your payments with MasterCard and Visa. Configure and deploy your solution in minutes, not hours! Use our multi-currency system to take advantage of features such as dynamic handling and just-in-time funding.

Automated and Autonomous Finance. Made Simple.

Round up, next generation subscriptions and BlockFI

Use advanced features of our BaaS solution to automate and optimize funding and balance management. Build value-added product offerings by creating scheduled or transaction 'round up' savings plans, dynamically handle multi-currency account linked to a single card or provision additional cards for secure, online spending or for managing subscriptions.

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