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Company Overview

"Built upon 200 years of combined financial and technology expertise, the AppTech Fintech platform will set the gold standard for the delivery of continuous digital financial innovation and commerce experiences. Our success, and that of our clients, will be attributed to an ongoing commitment to solving challenges through 
technology enablement."

Luke D'Angelo

Luke D’Angelo

About Us

AppTech Payments Corp. is an innovative Fintech company whose mission is to deliver a better way for businesses to provide their customers with immersive commerce experiences. Commerse™, its all-new, patent-backed technology platform powering seamless omni-channel Commerce Experiences-as-a-Service (CXS), drives highly secure, scalable, cross-border digital banking, text-to-pay, and merchant services altogether from a single, unified stack designed to increase operational efficiencies and growth for businesses while providing the economic convenience that their customers demand from today’s commerce experiences.

Intellectual Property

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce Framework

View Patent 7,693,752 | View Patent 10,600,094
View Patent 8,554,632 | View Patent 10,621,639
View Patent 8,799,102 | View Patent 10,846,726
View Patent 9,436,956 | View Patent 10,846,727
View Patent 10,102,556 | View Patent 10,909,593
View Patent 10,127,592 | View Patent 11,107,140

View Patent 11,354,715

This patent portfolio is focused on the delivery, purchase, or request of any products or services within specific geolocation and time parameters, provided by a consumer’s mobile phone anywhere in the United States. This portfolio houses the patent that protects all advertising on a mobile phone, including in a store’s mobile application.

System & Method for Delivering Web Content to a Mobile Device

View Patent 8,073,895 | View Assignment for Patent 8,073,895
View Patent 8,572,166 | View Assignment for Patent 8,572,166

These patents allow companies to send URLs in text messages. They are responsible for helping to create the industry protocol known as Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) Push. WAP is very commonly used when you receive a text message with a link to download content or an application to your mobile phone.

Mobile Texting Image
Mobile to Mobile Payments

Mobile-to-Mobile Payment
System & Method

View Patent 8,369,828 | View Assignment for Patent 8,369,828

This patent was developed for moving money from cellphone to cellphone, person to person, or person to business. We believe it sparked the creation of the P2P (Peer to Peer) Payments industry by allowing users to move money by text message, click, tap, or scan.

Computer to Mobile Two-Way Chat System & Method

View Patent 8,315,184 | View Assignment for Patent 8,315,184

This patent allows for communication from a computer to mobile phone device via SMS text messaging. This technology is most used in social media messenger apps or chat features. When chatting with your friends on your favorite platform, the messages are not moving cellphone to cellphone. Rather, the messages you send through your phone are sent to the app’s computer, processed, and then routed to the receiver’s mobile device.

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Meet the Management Team

Luke D'Angelo

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director & Chairman

Virgilio Llapitan


Gary Wachs

Chief Financial Officer & Board Director

Julia Yu

SVP of Corporate Finance & Accounting

Kaylei Wright

Chief of Staff

Marc Evans

Corporate Secretary & Associate