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Technical Product Manager

Job Summary:

At AppTech, we are a customer-first company. The Fintech landscape is continuously evolving and our Technical Product Managers (“TPM”) are at the forefront of this evolution by driving innovation through the design and development of inspiring products and services that affect businesses and end-users around the globe.

As the TPM, you will lead the own and drive the entire product lifecycle. Our TPMs are experts in Agile product management and are able to deconstruct highly complex problems and convert these components into steps that drive product development at a rapid pace.

AppTech’s TPMs are at the center of cross-functional teams as they are uniquely situated to drive product as AppTech is a product-centric company. More specifically, the TPM collaborates with UX Designers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Researchers, Copywriters, Content Strategists, Marketing Managers, Account Executives and Business Development personnel, Program Managers and Engineers. The collaborative work conducted by the TPM is one of the primary reasons AppTech will consistently deliver innovative, world-class products to market. Based on Agile and extreme ownership best practices, the TPM responsible for ideating, gathering requirements, analyzing, positioning, packaging, evangelizing, and crafting our products and new features to our clients and end- users.

As an AppTech Technical Product Manager, you will help establish product strategies and will tightly team with cross-functional teams to define and deliver on the next phase of Commerce Experiences. In addition, you will design product solutions, go-to-market strategies, partner integrations and business relationships to execute on the market potential and benefits possible from deploying AppTech’s technologies in the enterprise and consumer markets.

At AppTech our mission is to power world-class commerce experiences that streamline financial operations and create captivating end user journeys. We do this through continuous innovation and automation of our fintech platform by delivering integrated, on-demand, immersive customer experiences that result in operational efficiencies, client loyalty and end user satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Understand the payments ecosystem, markets, competition and user requirements in depth.
  • Design and launch new products/services, features and enhancements and test their performance and iterate quickly.
  • Collaborate with UX, Engineering, Legal and Marketing teams on bleeding-edge technologies.
  • Develop inspired and innovative solutions to solve customer pain-points related to the movement of information and value by collaborating internally with AppTech and externally with our key stakeholders and partners.
  • Ability to analyze data and develop recommendations.
  • Ability to present to executive level audiences.
  • Reports to the Senior Vice President of Product & Experiences, with a dotted line to the Senior Vice President of Research, Development and InfraOps.
Additional content

The TPM must understand what ideas will succeed and what ideas will fail. A TPM must be knowledgeable about:

  • Customers – The TPM understands who the desired customers for a product are and what they want or need. This includes a qualitative understanding of the customer – or why customers buy – or exactly what they buy and at what rates.
  • Data – Use data analytics to make good decisions. This contributes to the quantitative understanding of the customer.
  • The company – Knows what’s going on at all levels of the company and who makes decisions. You understand the sales department and the marketing department, but also what the C-Suite is set to accomplish.
  • The industry – Understands the competitors and the landscape of the industry. For example, is it growing, which would suggest more potential competitors, or contracting, which might make it harder to make sales? In addition to knowing what competitors are doing, the TPM also has insight into changes in technology and how social media relates to the market.


Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field or equivalent practical experience.
  • Extensive, verifiable Fintech payments experience, i.e, digital payments, payment orchestration, etc.
  • Experience developing and launching products and technologies within the payments, e-commerce, Cloud, SaaS, enterprise and/or mobile space.
  • Experience in crafting and managing strategic product roadmap(s) from conception to launch and sustainment.
  • Experience in leading the product vision, go-to-market strategy and design discussions.
  • Experience in working and collaborating with engineers and other technical team members.
  • Ability to drive product and feature priorities and tradeoff decisions
  • Demonstrated ability showcasing successful introduction of Enterprise level products and services to market and driving growth at scale.
  • Ability to analyze data and develop recommendations.
  • Ability to present to executive level audiences.
  • Naturally curious about business and technology, willing to learn, and constantly thinking about work beyond the 9-to-5 business day (but also able to shut things down when necessary to recharge)
  • Creative inclined and doesn’t just limit themselves to business strategies that the company has used in the past, or even to the specific assignment that the company gives the TPM. Rather, they think in unique ways to achieve company goals.
  • Persistent at all times. The TPM, keeps trying, even when things don’t go their way and backs their recommendations using convincing data and consistent, professional communication to get their point across.
  • Proven leader that is willing to take the lead on a project, even if they aren’t technically a manager. They advocate for the ideas that they and their group have generated, and they have the people skills necessary to influence their team, their manager, others in the company, and the Fintech industry at large.
  • Collaborator at heart. Must have a willingness to acquire deep knowledge of their customers, data, the company, and the industry, but they also rely on the expertise of others on their team and in the company.
Preferred qualifications
  • Experience in one or more of the following: e-commerce, payments, security (ex. PCI-DSS compliance, SOC 2, AOCs), cloud and edge computing, containers, software as a service, billing and subscriptions.
  • Experience managing day-to-day technical and design direction.
  • Digital banking expertise.
  • Knowledge of multiple functional areas including product management, UX/UI, software engineering, sales, customer support, finance and marketing.
  • Innate ability to influence multiple stakeholders without the benefit of direct authority.
  • Ideally located in the Eastern or Central time zone.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Certification or working knowledge of Agile / Scrum product ownership best practices
  • Working knowledge and application of Human Centered Design principles
  • Experience creating user stories with acceptance criteria and the definition of done (“DoD”)
  • Experience managing products in Jira or another popular digital work management platform, i.e.,, Rally, etc.

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