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What We’re Developing

AppTech is developing an embedded, highly secure digital payments and banking platform that powers commerce experiences for clients and their customers. Based upon industry standards for payment and banking protocols, we will offer standalone products and fully integrated solutions that deliver innovative, unparalleled payments, banking and financial services experiences. Our processing technologies can be taken off-the-shelf or tapped into via our RESTful API to build fully branded and customizable experiences while supporting tokenized, multi-channel, and multi-method transactions.

The platform will also incorporate AppTech’s core, patented text payment capabilities delivering experiences that focus on frictionless use cases and end-users desire for payment transaction simplicity, control, and comfort.


  • USPTO 8,369,828 “Mobile-to-Mobile Payment System and Method”

    This patent was developed for moving money from cellphone to cellphone, person to person, or person to business. We believe it sparked the creation of the P2P (Peer to Peer) Payments industry by allowing users to move money by text message, click, tap, or scan. We see this or similar technology everywhere today from companies such as Venmo in the United States to Wepay in China.

  • USPTO 8,073,895 & 8,572,166 “System and Method for Delivering Web Content to a Mobile Device”

    These patents allow companies to send URLs in text messages. They are responsible for helping to create the industry protocol known as Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) Push. WAP is very commonly used in the Apple iTunes store for downloading music. For example, when you purchase content in iTunes or the Google Play Store, you receive a text message with a link to download the content or application.

  • USPTO 8,315,184 “Computer to Mobile Two-Way Chat System and Method”

    This patent allows for communication from a computer to mobile phone device via SMS text messaging. This or similar technology is most used in social media messenger apps or chat features. When chatting with your friends on your favorite platform, the messages are not moving cellphone to cellphone. Rather, the messages you send through your phone are sent to the app’s computer, processed and then routed to the receiver’s mobile device.

    Another example of this patent’s application is when a user receives a text saying “Text ‘HELP’ to 77777 to donate $30.” When the user replies to the computer with the message ‘HELP,’ the computer can process the transaction by moving the money with the use of our first patent.

Technology that uses our Intellectual Property

Secure Mobile Payments
Enterprise SMS Texting

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